Experimental Cantonese Opera "Wenguang Explores the Valley" – Xiqu Centre

The Xiqu Centre’s second experimental Cantonese opera production, this adaptation of an ancient tale of the legendary Yang generals combines traditional and contemporary theatre practices, and presents Wenguang’s contemplation of his family legacy as a metaphor for the preservation and innovation of Cantonese opera in the modern era
22-27.10.2020|Xiqu Centre

Experimental Cantonese Opera "Farewell My Concubine" (New Adaptation) – Xiqu Centre

Blending traditional Cantonese opera techniques with contemporary stage and lighting design, this groundbreaking production reinterprets the legendary story of the downfall of Xiang Yu, the self-proclaimed “Overlord of Western Chu”
6-13.11.2020|Xiqu Centre

Gaojia Opera’s Comic Tales of Human Lives

Artists from the Jin Liansheng Gaojia Opera Troupe of Xiamen City introduce their production Sister A Da – a morality tale about a well-meaning but hapless protagonist – and discuss how traditional comic techniques can be merged with contemporary elements to tell stories that resonate with audiences today
17.10.2020|Xiqu Centre and live-streaming

From Theatre of the Absurd to Kunqu

The Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe discuss their acclaimed production The Chairs – a Kunqu adaptation of Eugène Ionesco’s 1952 classic absurdist play Les Chaises – a minimalist production that incorporates traditional Kunqu techniques to offer a new perspective on the absurdity and loneliness of human existence
10.10.2020 | Xiqu Centre and live-streaming

Blending Peking Opera, Street Dance and Rock

The young artists of Contemporary Legend Theatre, Taiwan share insight on creating cross-genre Peking opera productions for contemporary audiences and discuss their internationally acclaimed production Wu Song – The Tiger Warrior
15.11.2020|Xiqu Centre and live-streaming

A Woman’s Perspective, Past and Present

The Shanghai Yue Opera House discuss their immersive avant-garde production Destiny of Rebirth – a contemporary reimagining of a classic lyrical poem that merges modern aesthetics and traditional Yue opera techniques to explore past and present perspectives on female identity
31.10.2020|Xiqu Centre and live-streaming