Consultation Leaflet in the Making

In the run-up to the Stage 1 Public Engagement exercise, the WKCDA is working intensively to design a consultation leaflet to solicit the views of the public and various stakeholders on their aspiration and expectations of the WKCD.

The consultation leaflet will also contain examples of overseas cultural districts to help stimulate thinking and discussion.

It will be accompanied by a simple questionnaire developed by the Public Policy Research Institute of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University to enable people to share their views with us.


WKCDA on the Recruiting Trail for CEO and Senior Executives

The Authority has started a global recruitment of the WKCDA’s Chief Executive Officer and eight senior executives including Project Delivery Executive Director, Performing Arts Policy and Management Services Executive Director, Museum Policy and Management Services Executive Director,  Finance Executive Director, Marketing, Communications and Programming Executive Director, Human Resources Executive Director, General Counsel and Internal Auditor.

The Board aims to have the new positions filled before the end of 2009 or early 2010. More information is available on the WKCDA website at www.wkcdauthority.hk.


Consultancy Studies Deepen Market Knowledge

The Board of the Authority has commissioned a pair of consultancy studies on the museum, the exhibition centre and the performing arts venues of the West Kowloon Cultural District: one on the mode of governance, and one on market analysis of audienceship and clientele.

Through these studies the Authority aims to gain insights for planning the phased development of the facilities and positioning WKCD for both local and overseas visitors. The consultancies will study comparable facilities abroad and in the Mainland.