Greetings from the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (WKCDA)!  Welcome to the inaugural issue of the WKCD e-Newsletter. This monthly publication is part of the Authority‚Äôs commitment to keeping the public up-to-date of the latest developments of the WKCD.

We have entered an exciting chapter of this Project! The Authority has recently appointed three Conceptual Plan Consultants and a Project Consultant to assist in drawing up master layout plan options for the WKCD. To enable us to take into account public expectation and aspirations in our planning, we will embark on our Stage 1 Public Engagement Exercise in early October 2009. During the three-month Public Engagement Exercise, we will organise three public forums and over 50 stakeholder group sessions to listen to the views of both the general public and the various stakeholder groups.

The WKCD will be an entirely new  experience full of dynamics and creativity. Through its world-class facilities, iconic architecture, quality programmes, and the distinguished talents attracted to it, we are determined to make Hong Kong an international cultural metropolis. We are determined to make the WKCD a great success that our future generations will take pride in.

Please join us to make this happen!

Henry Tang
Chairman of the Board of WKCDA