Public Engagement publicity : behind the scenes

The WKCD Authority has rolled out a comprehensive publicity programme to encourage the public to participate in Stage 1 of the Public Engagement Exercise. You might have already come across the various publicity materials, including posters, consultation leaflets, newspaper advertisements, online advertisements, and announcements on television and radio.

posterAfter seeing these, have you ever wondered who designed them and what their inspirations and rationales were?

Mr Stanley Wong, a renowned Hong Kong artist and the designer of the WKCD’s printed materials, shared his thoughts on the printed materials he designed.

“The big orange sign [saying] “West Kowloon Cultural District” was the first thing that came into my mind when thinking about this cultural project of Hong Kong. As a matter of fact, this big sign is the only thing people can see at the site at the moment. How this piece of land is going to look is still an unknown to a lot of people."

“This orange sign is the soul of my design work for this exercise … because I would like to encourage Hong Kong people to warm up to this piece of land [beginning with the sign), which will become a new landmark for Hong Kong’s arts and cultural scene."

“Orange is a colour for passion. I believe the WKCD Authority and the community need to participate, to imagine, and eventually to realise this project together with passion.”

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The director for the television announcements, Bowie Yiu, said that to him, “The WKCD is about creativity, about arts and culture, about imagination”. He did not think the traditional/ conventional approach of filming publicities would work for this project. “Then the question is: How can we package all these elements into a 30-second production? And, we need a lot of imagination and creativity to answer this question!”

Bowie applied a variety of computer graphics and visual images to this short film. An example was in the shot where the Honourable Henry Tang, the Chief Secretary for Administration and Chairman of the WKCD Authority Board, was filmed in front of a series of imaginary scenes through projection.

“I can tell you this production was a challenge. But a good one! And I am happy to have been a part of this exercise,” said Bowie.




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