From the Consultation Panel Chairman

Professor Stephen Cheung, Chairman of the Consultation Panel, attended the Opening Forum on 8 October 2009, the first public forum on 25 October 2009 and numerous focus group sessions over the past three weeks. He has been very pleased with the attendance and says it is encouraging to see participants’ eagerness to express their views on the WKCD.


photo here “I am so happy to see that the public and various stakeholder groups have warmed up to the public engagement exercise. We have received a lot of innovative and constructive views. They will provide very useful references for us, as well as the consultants who are helping with the conceptual planning of the WKCD. I hope that such enthusiasm and momentum will be sustained throughout the three-month public engagement period,” said Professor Cheung.



Professor Cheung also said in addition to the arts and cultural facilities, the WKCD Authority is seeking the public’s views on the provision of programmes and education-related activities for the WKCD. He emphasised that the WKCD belongs to everyone in Hong Kong and that the Authority needs to work in partnership with the community. Finally, echoing the call to action for the public engagement campaign, he encouraged everyone to “stretch their imaginations and share their dreams” to make the development a success.