South Asian Teenagers and HKAPA Students Visit Roving Exhibition

exhibitionThe West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (WKCDA) arranged a number of guided tours at the roving exhibition of the Stage 2 Public Engagement exercise for local South Asian teenagers and students from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) to help them gain a better understanding about the future development of WKCD.

On 30 October, some 50 local and South Asian teenagers and their families from Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Jockey Club Tai Kok Tsui Integrated Services Centre visited the roving exhibition at the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre. Mr Graham Sheffield, CEO of WKCDA, joined the tour and talked about his visions for WKCD. Mr Sheffield also shared his favourite leisure activities and discussed with the teenagers how they could enjoy the facilities at WKCD in the future. In addition, WKCDA arranged guided tours on 16 October and 14 November for HKAPA students and alumni. Both tours were led by Mr Louis Yu, Performing Arts Executive Director of WKCDA.

Visiting teenagers and students were enthusiastic that WKCD would soon become a reality. They were amazed by the models and panels, with particular interest in the concepts of environmental protection and greenery. They hoped that WKCD would become an effective platform enabling teenagers to get acquainted with the world of arts.


Views from the Youths

Mirza Safian Beg (right) and Mohammad Ghazanfar (left), Members of TWGHs Jockey Club Tai Kok Tsui Integrated Services Centre

“We are very impressed with the three conceptual plans. For example, the Harbour Pool and the Theatre Steps in the ‘Key to Sustained Vitality’. We also like the ‘City Park’ which will have over 5,000 trees in the green area, the underground transport system that helps reduce environmental pollution, and the automatic sky-rail. We also like the unique design of the theatre in the ‘Project for a New Dimension’.”


Gloria, Member of TWGHs Jockey Club Tai Kok Tsui Integrated Services Centre

“I think the existing facilities for drama are inadequate in Hong Kong and the ticket price is quite high. I hope this can be improved after the completion of WKCD to provide a better platform for students to understand and experience arts.”


Katie, Member of TWGHs Jockey Club Tai Kok Tsui Integrated Services Centre

“With WKCD, Hong Kong will no longer be just a shopping paradise but also a platform for the public to understand arts. However, I am concerned that WKCD may not be able to meet the needs of poor students.”


Lam Yi-ting (Left), Year 3 student, School of Film and Television, HKAPA

“I think WKCD should help encourage the public to understand more about independent artists, and it should not be limited to commercial or large overseas art groups. We should nurture the development of small art groups also. I hope WKCD will make room for local art groups to grow.”


Sham Wing-kay (Centre), Year 3 student, Arts, Event and Stage Management Department, HKAPA

“I think many elements of the conceptual plans are people-oriented which I appreciate very much. If the public and students cannot use the facilities, the buildings themselves are useless. I also very much agree that WKCD should contain elements of environmental protection and sustainability. I am eager to see the gradual completion of the 15 performance venues in WKCD.”