Hung Keung: attracting new talents to new media arts

On the day of interview, Hung Keung, an Assistant Professor in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Design, causally walked into the WKCDA office donning a straw hat. . It was his first visit to  our office.

A member of both the Hong Kong Designers Association and the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Hung, in his new capacity as a Consultation Panel member, says he would rather observe the Panel’s work to get a clearer idea of his own role before ‘getting into action’.

A PhD student who studies new media in a Swiss university, Hung says he would focus on generating support for new media because he firmly believes that there is room in Hong Kong for art of varying commercial value. This is consistent with his belief that the city should possess an interactive art scene where Hongkongers themselves sow the seeds of growth and guide its progress to maturity.

If everyone takes a step forward and plays his part, Hung believes youngsters would see a palpable future, and more people will be drawn to interactive art and the discipline will thrive.

exhibitionIt was the inspiration of the new media vanguards that got him started in the art form and led him to establish innov + media lab (imhklab). He even set aside part of his salary to form a research team, hoping to attract fresh talents by introducing new artists to the creative process of new media. Mr. Hung says he hopes the Authority will lead the way in creating a platform for new media artists so that they will not feel isolated.

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