Lam Ying-kit: the arts community's 'iron bridge'

exhibitionAmong the three new members, Lam Ying-kit, who produces children's dramas, seems the most relaxed. On his new appointment, he says he aspires to be an 'iron bridge' - not only channelling the arts community's views and explaining the Consultation Panel's work, but also tracking previous proposals made by the arts community to ensure they have been followed up. He does not want to see proposals that were made to "sink into oblivion" because it will only lead to 'consultation fatigue'. He says the arts community will feel frustrated unless core issues are resolved.

'My dream is to see a theatre that is dedicated to children in Hong Kong,' says the Artistic Director and Company Manager of Jumbo Kids Theatre, who is very popular among children. 'I have worked hard to achieve this dream and I was so happy when I learnt that one of the black box theatres at the WKCD would be dedicated to children and their parents.' But after the initial joy came the worry of the theatre's future. He knows that the competition for audiences is no longer among theatres, but between theatres and other media.

According to Mr. Lam, convincing audiences to buy a theatre ticket is their greatest challenge. He believes that it is time for the arts community to adopt a new way of thinking and one of his goals is to make more people become aware of this issue via the Consultation Panel.