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Four new committee members on their West Kowloon aspirations  

Following the appointment of the new sub-committees members we are privileged to have them sharing their thoughts and vision of the future arts and culture hub.


exhibitionMuseum Committee member Ms Kai-Yin Lo

On a Valentine’s Day morning we met Ms Kai-Yin Lo at her home, filled with beautiful antiques, heavy art books and her epigenous jewelry.

Possibly the first Chinese designer to have successfully achieved brand status on the international market, Kai-Yin’s deep knowledge of Eastern and Western cultures provided inspiration to marry classical jades with modern stones into original and highly wearable jewelry that reflects China and Asia’s past and present.

“West Kowloon should be part of the lives of Hong Kong people.  Whether a cultural centre or a museum, the most important thing is to be accessible and welcoming to the public.” 

A member of Tate Modern’s Asia-Pacific Art Acquisition Committee and the Global Council of Asia Society and the Museum of Arts and Design, New York, Kai-Yin believes that art, design and culture is one embodiment that nourishes and adds value to our lives.  In this regard, art education is essential to groom us into more "complete" human beings, leading richer and fuller lives of multiple dimensions, and at the same time, contribute to society.


exhibitionExhibition Centre Committee member Andy Hei

Having the same passion in China classical art is Andy Hei. The founder of Fine Art Asia called on our office, which overlooks the West Kowloon site.

“In 2005 I burst into crying because I could not find a good venue for exhibition,” says Hei, who inherited a family business that trades antique furniture. That is why he particularly looks forward to the exhibition centre.

“Hong Kong has such a decent cluster for time, money, talent and ideas,” says Hei, noting that a typical exhibition work that usually takes a week to complete in other developed countries only needs two days of work in Hong Kong.

Knowing that West Kowloon has all the prerequisite of success, Hei is happy to offer his opinion from a user perspective.


exhibitionMuseum Committee member Leung Chi Wo

Always thinking in terms of user perspective is Leung Chi Wo, currently Assistant Professor in the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. We caught him at his office at the time he is busy preparing for a Morocco exhibition.

As one of the Para/Site founders, Leung says Hong Kong is ready to have a contemporary museum so he is looking forward to participating, learning, and giving support.

“M+ has a special role to play because of the fast changing happening at the local art scene, coupled with the fact that there were few discussions and actions for it,” said Leung.

“Hong Kong does not necessarily need to match the scale in London New York or Paris. What we need is a museum with vision, one or two artist groups who are willing to push the limit, and two or three visionary galleries – and that will be the chemistry we need.” 


exhibitionPerforming Arts Committee member Dr Elvin Wong Chi-chung

Music has the chemistry. The day we visited the University of Hong Kong, students were still talking about the Sam Hui concert in campus early February, organised by Elvin Wong, Assistant Director of General Education Unit in The University of Hong Kong.

Like many radio listeners, I grew up with the disc jockey who taught us a thing or two about western trendy music.

 “In the past 20 plus years I have different posts in radio, TV, magazines but I have the same dream and vision,” said Mr Wong.

To him, music is free but also a necessity, like water. Yet there is premium water, as there is premium music for life-time learning and enjoyment.

“I believe arts and culture can also be developed in the directions of both free and premium hopefully for the benefits of everybody.

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