Outbursts of creativity in the Youth Forum

wkcda youth forumThe Stage 1 Public Engagement Exercise was opened by a Student Forum on 8 October 2009. To echo our emphasis to young people, who will be the future of Hong Kong, the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (WKCDA) dedicated the last open forum of the Public Engagement Exercise to the youth.  The Youth Forum was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on December 20, 2009. Over 160 youths,  including university students and working youth, came together to express their views and aspirations for the WKCD.



wkcda youth forumThe Youth Forum began by the Hong Kong Dance Company’s elegant performance of Qingming Riverside- Canal Wallows. Afterwards,participants were divided into 16 different groups for in-depth discussion of the various development and planning questions related to the WKCD.  Many of them believed that in order to create a WKCD for all, the District should adopt a down to earth approach so all visitors feel welcome. Transportation arrangement was another major concern. Bus stations, ferry terminal, facilities for disabled, car park should be included to enhance accessibility to the District.



wkcda youth forumParticipants also highlighted that art is derived from daily real-life experiences. Facilities and programmes available in WKCD should be diverse and welcome everyone, including young people, to express themselves and be a part of it.  It is important to open up the space for them to perform, set up creative workshops and show off trendy items.  A common thought was that the WKCD should be an interactive, dynamic district that inherits the local culture while also incorporating Western culture.



wkcda youth forumIn his opening remarks, Professor Stephen Cheung Yan-leung, Chairman of the WKCDA’s Consultation Panel said that the youth generation is a key stakeholder of the WKCD.  The District will offer great opportunities and plenty of space for young people to demonstrate their creativity and talents.