3rd Public Forum

The 3rd public forum was held at the Tai Po Civic Centre on December 6. With over 200 participants, the discussion was enthusiastic and views expressed were creative. Participants truly demonstrated what the slogan “Stretch your imagination, share your dreams” had said. We have collected a lot of useful ideas on how to improve the WKCD’s transportation network, sustainability, utilization of the public area, rental of facilities as well as preservation of local arts and culture.



wkcda forumThe 3rd public forum began with extraordinary performances by various members of the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong. Participants watched in awe as the performers sang Beyond’s “Truly love you”, danced to the rhythmic hip hop music and performed “I believe I can fly” playing trumpets despite their physical challenges. Their amazing performance also brought out the message of fostering mutual support and respect among people of different abilities. The performers also conveyed their wish for a disabled friendly WKCD where they can practice and perform without any constraints.


wkcda forumIn his opening remarks, Professor Stephen Cheung Yan-leung, Chairman of the WKCDA’s Consultation Panel, said he was inspired after watching the remarkable performance and recognized that there were no limits in the arts world. He also mentioned that the WKCDA has since October organized several public forums and close to 50 focus group meetings for various stakeholder groups to collect views with the aspiration to create the District for all Hong Kong people. He once again encouraged different groups to speak openly as the Consultation Panel wants to take into account all perspective and the views about the WKCD.


wkcda forumThe representatives of three conceptual plan consultants also participated and gave their views during the forum. Collin Ward from Foster & Partners indicated that the WKCD will be a catalyst and the cornerstone of Hong Kong’s arts and cultural development as it will bring in changes and challenges. David Gianotten, the Office for Metropolitan Architecture, believed that the WKCD will provide a platform for all to learn, enjoy and grow. Rocco Yim of Rocco Design Architects Ltd. said WKCD not only belongs to Hong Kong, but also to the surrounding regions or even the world. Therefore we need to widen our visions and at the same time listen to all views and opinions in order to create a unique WKCD.


The views and responses expressed by the participants in the 3rd public forum have been uploaded to the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority website (www.wkcda.hk) for you.