WKCDA’s face to face dialogue with the Children's Rights Forum

The WKCDA participated in the Children’s Rights Forum on 5 January 2010 to collect views from youths. The agenda of the meeting specifically focused on the development and planning of the WKCD.   Over 30 young participants exchanged their views and opinions on the issues of the WKCD development.  During the meeting, participants expressed their wish for the District to provide sufficient public area so that they can appreciate arts and culture freely in that area and develop their creativity.  Most importantly, they believed that facilities within the WKCD should be designed and constructed to accommodate all walks of life, including children with different needs.

The Children’s Rights Forum was held at the Hong Kong Scout Centre.  Attendees came from major organisations which focus on children’s rights (including Kids’ Dream, The Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs Association of Hong Kong, UNICEF, Children's Rights Association, Human Rights Monitor, and Society for Community Organisation), as well as youth and children representatives from different age ranges (including the post-80s and 90s generations).  Participants enthusiastically expressed their views on the development of the district, built with our future generation in mind. Many of the participants thought a children museum would be necessary for youths as through games and guided tours in the museum they will be able to learn, as well as enhance and broaden their awareness of arts and cultures.

In order to attract children and their families to visit the WKCD, there must be plenty of open space for them to play and learn. Facilities like graffiti wall for kids to draw freehand, sand pools, large lawn or open-air piazza for exhibition or music and dance performances should be built for children’s use.  They also believed that the WKCD will be even more popular if all those facilities are free for all to use.