Findings of Public Engagement Exercise place importance on ambience, talent development, local characteristics and green design

wkcd_reportOn 31 March 2010, WKCDA released the Report on the Analysis of Views for the Stage 1 Public Engagement (PE) Exercise for the West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD), which encapsulates the views, expectations and aspirations of the public as well as stakeholders in the arts and cultural and other relevant sectors for the planning of the District.

After a total of 66 public engagement events organised by WKCDA comprising one Student Forum, one Youth Forum, three Public Forums and 61 Focus Group Meetings and more than 6,600 completed questionnaires, those who participated in the PE exercise, conducted between 8 October 2009 and 7 January 2010, commented most frequently about the ambience of the WKCD, the programme and education-related activities to be provided at the District, the overall look of the WKCD, and the facilities and activities of the District. Overall, green setting, relaxing atmosphere, local characteristics and grooming of local talents were featured prominently in the responses.

Referring to the report, Consultation Panel Chairman Professor Stephen Cheung noted that there is agreement from the public and stakeholders that equal focus should be placed on both hardware and software development.

“Elsewhere, we have seen strong alignment between the views collected and the seven Planning Design Principles—Creativity, Accessibility, Connectivity, Integration, Vibrancy, Uniqueness and Sustainability—that the Authority has set for the District. Respondents indicated their preference for the District to grow organically, and that programmes for various segments of the community be developed,” Professor Cheung said. 

wkcd_reportAs the Authority and its three Conceptual Plan Consultants move forward, these findings will provide very useful guidance on the aspiration and preferences of stakeholders and the public as to how they would like the WKCD planned and designed, and will be taken into account during the development of their Conceptual Plan options, which will be presented to the public during Stage 2 of the PE exercise to be launched in the second half of 2010.

The report as well as a compendium containing all views received and analysed during Stage 1 of the PE Exercise, has been uploaded to the Authority’s web site (www.wkcda.hk). They are also available for public inspection at the WKCDA Secretariat during office hours at 98 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay. A copy of the report has also been placed at District Offices’ Public Enquiry Service Centre for public inspection.  

Compiled by the Public Policy Research Institute (PPRI) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the report was discussed by the Authority’s Consultation Panel on 7 April and will be deliberated by its Board.