My one-month observation as a docent
by Geegy Tung

exhibitionSeeing the many people who care for West Kowloon Cultural District had been a grateful experience. They asked interesting questions, and gave brilliant yet challenging ideas, which often took me by surprise.

A secondary student asked, “How was the board of directors chosen?” One participant even suggested we should display the history and development process of WKCD in the future museum. Who say Hong Kong people don’t care?

During one of the guide tours in PE3, I had a chance to tour a group of university students of cultural management. As I explained the exhibits, I couldn’t help not notice one of the student’s T-shirt was the image of a famous Japanese musician. I mentioned that to her after the tour, and we excitedly talked about music for quite a while. She told me about the difficulties and lack of facilities for musicians in Hong Kong, and I offered her about the Free Space and Music Box in the future Central Park. Her eyes sparkled, and I could see the energy and hope in her eyes.

I think this is what WKCD is about. It is not a place solely for our generation, but for future generations. It’s not only for artists to exhibit and perform their works, but also for their audiences. WKCD will be relatively easier to reach, compared to some of the contemporary art galleries on the Island side, but it is NOT here to replace other facilities because there are shortages for visual and performance art spaces.

I remembered sharing with a group of audience about the Xiqu Centre, saying it is targeted towards the older generations. One of them questioned “Why is it only for older generations? Youngsters can also like Xiqu!” I agreed, and immediately told him that the education facilities in Xiqu Center was for the newbie.

WKCD will be a cultural hub of activities, and in the latest PE3 exercise, we can see it will be happening very soon.

* Geegy Tung was one of the docents in the stage two and three public engagement exercises. She was a Master of Visual Art in Art Administration graduate, and is currently working as a contract assistant curator in the authority.


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