Progress Update
A two-day workshop for Xiqu Centre design competitors  
Site visit to the future Xiqu Centre
Tasting and listening to the best Chinese traditional music at the Lock Cha Tea Shop.
Candid discussion among Xiqu practitioners and design teams at the Sunbeam Theatre
Chief Executive Officer Mr Michael Lynch shared his vision during the discussion
The race is on right after the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority shortlisted five design teams for their proposals on Xiqu Centre on July 17.

In order to provide a full understanding of the design and planning expectation of the future Xiqu Centre, the Authority organised a two-day workshop that aimed to bridge architects and designers with Cantonese opera stakeholders and industry people through a variety of programmes that included a visit to the future site of Xiqu Centre, a tour to Ko Shan Theatre, Lock Cha Tea Shop and Sunbeam Theatre.

A Cantonese opera demonstration was held at the Ko Shan Theatre, followed by a discussion with industry veterans, was instrumental in providing some first-hand and useful references to the design teams. Likewise, a visit to Lock Cha Tea Shop at Hong Kong Park can be inspirational for the Tea House design at the future Xiqu Centre.

At the end of the two-day workshop, the Authority invited Dr Liza Wang to speak in a session with Cantonese opera practitioners, architects and designers at the Sunbeam Theatre. A wide range of topics are covered in their three-hour session from master planning to planning and design and detailed acoustic issues.