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The storytelling WKCDA annual report  
The colourful year at the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority summed up nicely in a story book- like annual report that featured its first arts and cultural programme and design competition for the first arts facility.

The latest annual report, released on October 17th, detailed the milestone reached in the year that witness commencement of the design competition for the Xiqu Centre, followed by the West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre during the Lunar New Year.

Board Chairman Carrie Lam was pleased with the progress made in the past year and promised to take it further.

“The new Administration and I are fully committed to realising the vision of WKCD and prepared to bring the project to new heights and to deliver concrete results over the term of this Government…” wrote Mrs Lam.

“But we still have a long way to go. That is why we are working very hard to make sure that all Hong Kong people and tourists visiting Hong Kong will be able to enjoy the arts and cultural content of WKCD when it is developed over the next 10 years.”

Chief Executive Officer Michael Lynch recalled his first visit to Kowloon on a P&O ship back in 1964, and ultimately landed on a job that is responsible to develop an arts hub in West Kowloon - after a successful arts administration career in Britain and Australia.

Mr Lynch wrote, “We are creating a piece of Hong Kong rising from the “fragrant lagoon” of older days that will be a wonderful, enchanting, stimulating and exciting “place for everyone”.

“I look forward to coming back in 2020 to see how close we have come to delivering our dream. It will be amazing! Trust us.”

Under the theme “Defined/Undefined”, the annual report also carried anecdotal pieces by the management team in the past year. Performing Arts executive director Louis Yu recollected how he came up with the idea of Bamboo Theatre, while M+ executive director Dr Lars Nittve recalled his conversation with a taxi driver about the art future in Hong Kong.

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