Monthly Highlights
Song Dong: 360 Calendar Exhibition -
a demonstration of collective art and memories
The Song Dong: 360 Calendar Exhibition co-presented by Mobile M+ of the WKCDA and Asia Art Archive drew nearly 7,000 art lovers to share major happenings in the last 36 years of the artist’s life.

Song Dong (left) explained his works to art lovers at the exhibition.
Held between 22 January and 8 February, the exhibition displayed the re-writing of the last 36 years of history (1978-2013) from his personal perspective in the form of 36 years of hand-drawn household wall calendars. Each of the 432 months is accompanied by a sketch of a significant historical event, relaying Song’s longtime interest in socio-political history, individual experience, and art history.

During the exhibition opening, over 400 members of the public collaborated with him to complete the project by adding, changing, or editing individual months according to their own memories of historical events, inspiring lingering thoughts in multiple aspects.
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