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Join M+ for an exciting internship opportunity  
Ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes of a museum that’s in the progress of its realisation?

Here’s your chance to get involved and find out more — following the success of the first
10-week learning programme in 2012, M+ has launched a recurring internship programme, aiming to inspire interest in those who desire to gain an in-depth insight in the field of curatorial practice, art education, and museum operations.

Allowing for application for Fall and Spring intakes every year, interns will be able to work closely with M+’s professional staff full-time for a period of three months under the guidance of a mentor. This is a unique and rare opportunity for those who are interested in developing a career in the museum field, as the internship programme provides practical and theoretical training in museum practices through actual involvement in one of world’s most exciting cultural projects.

We welcome a wide range of candidates who are passionate about working in the arts and cultural field. Deadlines for Fall and Spring intakes this year are 7 October and 2 December respectively. Please visit our website in mid-September for more details of application.

Don’t miss out on such an enriching opportunity!
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