Monthly Highlights
Freespace Fest is back in December with a WOW factor!  

The highly-anticipated Freespace Fest will make a grand come-back on 14 & 15 December at the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade! Last year, over 20,000 music and art fans had experienced the magic of its debut and we are going to WOW you with an even more spectacular and diverse line-up this year. Audience participation is vital in the festival so let your imagination run wild to create your very own “Freespace” by picnicking, bike riding, dancing or playing games!

10 co-curators to present a sensational line-up

15 hours of performances and activities in 9 different art forms.

  • Yuen Chi Chung and Chang Tieh Chih co-curated this year’s music stage featuring Eman Lam & The HUSband, Jun Kung, Omnipotent Youth Society, Wild Children and Lin Sheng Xiang.

  • exhibition
    Rhythm Attack will continue to spread their street dance charm.
    Renowned writer and cultural critic Tang Siu Wa@Workshop for the House of Hong Kong Literature will combine literature with music for a fresh new cross-media performance.

  • Named by CNN’s global portal as one of the ‘Top 20 People to Watch in Hong Kong’, Samson Young@Electric Company will lead a unique ‘orchestra’ of laptop computers to take you through a revolutionary journey of audio-visual computer music.

  • Hongboy@Rhythm Attack will continue to spread his street dance charm from the local box-office hit ‘The Way We Dance’.

  • exhibition
    The Hong Kong Parkour Association will work their wonders at Freespace Fest.
    Parkour is gradually becoming a trend in Hong Kong since Luc Besson’s ‘Yamakasi’, in which practitioners (traceur) quickly and efficiently overcome obstacles in their environment, using only their bodies and their surroundings to propel themselves. One of the world’s leading traceur, Daniel Ilabaca, will offer master classes to local practitioners. Superfly Monkey Dragons and The Hong Kong Parkour Association will work their wonders at Freespace Fest with free introductory workshops for you to experience the power of this exciting art!

  • exhibition
    All Theatre Art Association will bring us three fun and imaginative productions.
    Virginia Hyam will again curate our international programmes and bring us the most spectacular outdoor performances such as contemporary circus with the stunning Victoria Harbour as backdrop.

  • Known for its multimedia productions blending contemporary and innovative performing arts, All Theatre Art Association will explore the concept of freedom with three fun and imaginative productions for Freespace Fest, inspired by Hong Kong's historic, iconic and quirky character.

  • exhibition
    MaD will offer participatory activities or creative product sale opportunities.
    MaD will continue their experimental project "Construction in Progress" with two programmes - "Open Space" and "$0 Square Feet Magic Carpets", offering participatory activities or creative product sale opportunities. Lawnmap’s extremely popular Grassfest will be extended to two days with a dedicated stall where you can sell your own CDs. Register HERE by 10 November.
Online registration for Freespace Fest 2013 will open in late November, stay tuned at the WKCDA website for latest update.

Date: 14-15 December 2013
Time: 1:00pm - 10:30pm (programme starts at 3:00pm)
Venue: West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade

Festival App enhances your Freespace experience

Download the official festival app for Freespace Fest 2013 and customise the festival programme to match your tastes. Explore details of the line up and artist, map out where and when your favourite acts are performing, plan your own schedule and set up alerts to make sure you won't miss a thing. Our festival checklist and interactive map will show you all the necessities from food stalls to recycling bins, and just about anything you need. You can also share your festival schedule with friends and get updates on the latest festival announcements before and during Freespace Fest, the app is designed to enhance your Freespace experience.

Check it out on App Store / Google Play from 18 November.

We have also designed a fun online game ‘Freespace Challenge!’ to help you familiarise yourself with the festival grounds. Race with your friends for a chance to win attractive prizes including a Samsung GALAXY Note III, an Apple iPad Mini and special Freespace Fest merchandises.

‘Freespace Challenge!’ online game will be rolled out at WKCD Events Facebook page from 15 November.