Monthly Highlights
Freespace Fest is back in December with a WOW factor!
M+ Yau Ma TeiThe highly-anticipated Freespace Fest will make a grand come-back on 14 & 15 December! We are going to unveil the sensational line-up co-curated by 10 artists in 9 different art forms.
M+ upcoming events & internship programme
Yuen Lup-funM+ is going to organise a series of events in the next few weeks to keep you abreast of its development progress and evoke dialogue where issues and ideas that are integral to the museum’s future development can be shared and debated.
Third Xiqu Seminar “The Way of Success for Various Role Categories” – Tickets on sale now!
Lee Chack-fanHong Kong’s Cantonese opera virtuoso Law Ka-ying and acclaimed Jingu artist Shang Changrong will take us through the evolution of role categories in Xiqu. You will surely be enlightened by their inspirational dialogues even you are not a Xiqu fan.
Progress Update
M+ Yau Ma Tei
WKCDA 2012/13 Annual Report out now