Progress Update
WKCDA 2012/13 Annual Report out now  
2012/13 was a remarkable and exhilarating year for the WKCDA as major milestones were achieved on various fronts. A purely graphical approach was adopted to create an inspiring and eye-catching report with abundant vivid images focusing on the diversity and vibrancy of the activities held during the year. The annual report also carries a detachable booklet displaying the highlights of the M+ collection, offering a glimpse of what the future visual culture museum would offer.

To highlight the creative spirit and shared vision of the WKCDA team, the annual report adopted a unique and innovative design this year with a tiny concentric punched hole which goes through the centre of the report conveying the theme “Endless Ideas One Focus”. The symbolic design sums up the WKCDA’s spirit and motto guiding our practice in the past year.

While hardware development moved rapidly with the appointment of architects for Xiqu Centre and the launch of M+ design competition, software development was also in full swing as we started building the M+ collection and launched a series of extremely popular programmes including the debut Freespace Fest, second West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre and Mobile M+ : Yau Ma Tei exhibition. Despite the endless ideas and concerted efforts for the project, we never lost track of our core focus – to develop a world-class cultural district that meets the needs and aspirations of the people of Hong Kong.

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