West Kowloon Cultural District Authority
2013 / Dec Issue
WKCDA’s 32nd WKCDA Board meeting

At the 32nd Board meeting held on 3 December, Chief Executive Officer Mr Michael Lynch reported on the latest development of the WKCD project on various fronts. The revamped official website offers a user-friendly and interactive platform for the public to understand more about the project’s development and programmes presented by the Authority. The creatively-designed 2012/13 Annual Report has recently been published documenting the work and activities of the Authority during the past year. Its electronic version is available on the website

On software development, a series of upcoming programmes will be held on and off WKCD site including the annual Freespace Fest 2013, Building M+: The Museum and Architecture Collection Exhibition and West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre 2014. Hardware development had been progressing steadfastly with the groundbreaking of the Xiqu Centre in September, the schematic design of the M+ building, the Arts Pavilion Design Competition and the Park development.

Mr Lynch also informed the Board that WKCDA’s Consultation Panel members discussed the use and management of the future Park and agreed to set up a task force to devise a public engagement plan. A tent titled “My Park Tent” will be set up on site during the Freespace Fest 2013 to gather views from the public on the use and management of the Park. Meanwhile, the WKCDA management is conducting various assessments in preparation for the application to the Town Planning Board for a minor relaxation of the development intensity of the WKCD site targeted in March 2014.

Click HERE to review the open session of the Board Meeting.